Smith, Republican House sacrifice public for ideology on healthcare

UPDATE: The Congressional Budget Office has confirmed the House Republican healthcare plan would cause 23 million Americans to loose their health insurance while giving away over $200 billion in tax breaks to the wealthiest 2 percent.


With just a single vote to spare, Congressman Lamar Smith joined his Republican colleagues today in rushing a health care bill to the floor of the House without committee review or expert testimony.

Lamar Smith and Donald Trump

If adopted, the bill will result in tens of millions of Americans losing health coverage. In addition, most of us with insurance will pay a higher bill with less coverage, and it could result in denial of coverage due to pre-existing conditions like pregnancy and being a victim of domestic abuse. Meanwhile, Republicans give away tax cuts to the wealthiest Americans who can afford to pay their fair share.

The Affordable Care Act was a huge step forward, expanding health coverage to millions who needed it, instilling fairness by covering preexisting conditions, and saving lives. The law is not perfect, but any reform should focus on covering more Americans through expanded Medicare and Medicaid coverage, our most efficient and fair way to cover people who cannot afford insurance today. That is why I support creating a Medicare for All program. House Republicans are overwhelmed by partisan hatred of President Obama’s signature program, looking to score points instead of help Americans.

We will remember Mr. Smith’s vote to put extreme ideology over the health and well being of Americans next November!