Shifting public mood exposes Lamar Smith’s vulnerability

The political times are changing, and with it a chance for the voters of Central Texas to send an out of touch career politician packing. Lamar Smith’s close alliance to Donald Trump, his relentless attacks on legitimate science, and his failure to show up and listen to his constituents present our best opportunity in years to elect a fresh, responsive leader to Congress.

Consider these recent developments:

  • The Georgia 6th has changed the field
    In April, Georgia changed everything… including the race for TX-21. In a House district where Republicans should be leading by 20 points, the Democrat came within a few thousand votes of an outright win and will now head into the runoff with the most votes. Don’t let anybody tell you this was not a big deal. The Georgia 6th and Texas 21st have almost the same Cook Partisan rating. Trump’s already low approval ratings are not going to get better by November 2018.
  • Congressional approval rating reflects massive discontent
    The Republican Congress is highly unpopular with 71% of voters disapproving of the job they are doing. Moreover, this unhappiness is transferring to real action: 54% of voters would vote for a Democrat for Congress versus only 38% for a Republican, a 16-point advantage! Trump’s approval ratings remain at a historic low, with his approval rating among white males, his base voters, at below 50% for the first time ever.
  • We are seeing the backlash in early election in Central Texas
    Last weekend, Democrats saw historic gains in local municipal elections. The Texas Democratic Party invested in 34 local races around the state, and in Central Texas Democrats were elected to the Round Rock and Cedar Park city councils, defeating 2 long-time Republican incumbents in Cedar Park. These city races are traditional stomping grounds for Republicans and the success of Democratic candidates shows how we can win where we could not compete before.
  • TX-21 becoming nationalized
    The Lamar Smith has used his position on the House committee on science to attack scientific research has been national news for a while, but now the national political press are seeing his district as vulnerable. The 21st is on track to be one of the top national seats of focus in 2018.

A perfect storm is brewing for Democrats to take back the House of Representatives in 2018, but just as importantly for us to show Lamar Smith the door. We can only win with a great candidate and the resources to mount an effective campaign.

I am the only candidate with deep community roots and the grit and determination to take on Smith. As a 25 year resident of Austin, I have been fighting the Republicans and championing progressive causes for nearly two decades. I have been through many tough political battles. I figured out how to build coalitions and win while I kept my integrity and without abandoning the progressive ideas I believe in. The Republicans are not going to go easily. We need someone who is an authentic progressive and will not shy away from the fight.

I am ready to take on Smith, but I need your help and ask for your support. Please make a contribution to my campaign launch fund so we can meet our goal by the June 5 campaign kickoff. Your early contribution will help us lay the foundation for victory next year.

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