RELEASE: McFadden calls on Smith to apologize for tying free press to Alexandria mass shooting

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McFadden calls on Lamar Smith to apologize for tying free press to Alexandria mass shooting

AUSTIN- Democratic congressional candidate Elliott McFadden called on Congressman Lamar Smith to retract his statement and apologize to the public for tying the mass shooting by James Hodgkinson in Alexandria, Va to an independent media doing its job to report the facts.

“Yesterday, Congressman Lamar Smith crossed way over the line by attempting to politicize the attack in Alexandria, VA into an assault on the free press,” McFadden said.

On Thursday, Smith addressed the House of Representatives saying, “The media’s constant barrage of personal attacks can incite someone to take irrational actions,” and going on to say of the shooter “That’s not much different from the tone of many media articles.”

“There is nothing personal in reporting the truth,” McFadden continued.  “Smith cannot stand that the media has pointed out his cynical attacks on science have been to benefit his oil and gas special interest backers, who have given him over $700,000 in contributions. He is now conflating honest, open journalism, the cornerstone of our democracy, with the actions of a disturbed man.”

“Members of the media pointing out facts and calling out hypocrisy are doing their job, the people’s job, and they do not deserve this kind of treatment,” McFadden said. “This is unbecoming of any of our leaders, and we deserve a public apology from our Representative.”