What happened in the GA-6 and how we win

What happened in the GA-6 and how we win

“The time is always right to do what is right.” — Martin Luther King, Jr.

Many of you may be feeling a little down right now after Jon Ossoff’s loss yesterday in the Georgia 6th. More money was raised and spent by Democrats for this single special election than any other House congressional race in U.S. history, and yet we came up short.

I am here to tell you not to be discouraged, and that this race is a powerful lesson to progressives on how we win. In the history of our country from the Revolutionary War to the labor and civil rights movements, our ideas are what have overcome the powerful and the corrupt. Raising obscene amounts of money and running as a little less bad than the Republican in the race is not the way forward. Raising what we need and having the resolve to stand for the people and ideas we fight for is how we win.

The Georgia 6th: Republican-lite versus a real Republican always loses

Last week, I had a national Democratic Party staffer tell me the way we win against Lamar Smith in the Texas 21st is to never mention Trump and be middle of the road on everything. This staffer pointed to Jon Ossoff’s campaign as the model for success for us in our race. Ossoff ran a race where he took no strong positions on anything, even avoiding attacking the highly unpopular Republican healthcare bill. Well, that did not turn out so well.

I have said this before: if the voters are given a choice between a Democrat running as Republican-lite and a real Republican, they will choose the real Republican every time. When I was the Executive Director of the Travis County Democratic Party, George W. Bush was still very popular, even in Austin, and I saw Democratic candidates run campaign advertisements with pictures of them with Bush, in an attempt to win those “swing” voters. Every one of those candidates lost.

At the time, the Republicans spent millions targeting Travis County to flip from Blue to Red. We beat them back by taking it to the Republicans on their cruel hypocrisy, like voting to cut poor children off of health insurance and undermining public education, and by proudly standing by our progressive values. We won and secured Travis County as a Democratic stronghold by giving voters a real choice.

How we win in TX-21

The time to do what is right has never been greater.

It is time to call out the Republicans as they seek to sacrifice the health and well-being of 23 million Americans for a secret healthcare bill that is just a tax cut for millionaire and billionaires.

It is time to confront a mean-spirited Trump budget that would starve our poor, elderly neighbors and push families into homelessness by gutting funding for Meals on Wheels and Habitat for Humanity, all for additional military spending the Pentagon does not need and yet more tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans.

It is time replace an infrastructure bill that will leave us stuck in traffic as it reneges on Trump’s promise of $1 trillion in investment – as Trump instead offers tax cuts for Wall Street toll road financiers and a huge local property tax bill on us for the difference –  with a bill that will invest in roads, transit, and a modern energy grid funded by asking the very rich to pay their fair share.

It is time to hold the President accountable for obstructing justice and using the White House as a brand play to enrich himself and his family by beginning impeachment proceedings.

It is time to reject the D.C. consultants who tell us we must sacrifice our principles and the millions of Americans hurt by these disastrous policies to win an election.

We win by standing up and fighting against these cruel measures that seek to comfort the comfortable on the backs of those who need help the most.We must give voters a real choice between someone who will be their champion and a Republican corporate shill. When we do this, we also give new and less regular voters something to show up for in an off year election with pathetically low voter turnout.

I have spent nearly 2 decades fighting Republicans and leading on progressive issues because politics is not a game to me. The policies we enact are moral documents, and they impact real people. I have met and served individuals and families who will be hurt by Trump and Smith’s policies. They are my friends and neighbors. Their stories and faces are always in the back of my mind.

I have been through many tough political battles in my career and kept my integrity. I will not play politics with people’s lives, and I welcome this opportunity to take the fight to Lamar Smith who hurts our community daily out of cynical indifference.

If you think it is time to do what is right and run an aggressive campaign to fight for all of us who do not have a voice in Washington, please sign up to join my campaign and make a contribution today!