The time is always right to do what is right

“The time is always right to do what is right.” — Martin Luther King, Jr.

When I began this campaign a few months ago, I was motivated to fight back against Republican attacks on our social safety nets, on science and the facts, and on the work to create a fair economy for the rest of us. I also believe the way Donald Trump treats the presidency as a brand play to enrich himself and his family is not acceptable, and the current Republican Congress is incapable of holding Trump to any standards of good government. Our Congressman Lamar Smith embodies this failure of leadership, and I decided it was time we had a member of Congress who will show up and be a champion for all of our community.

Over the last four days, the stakes have gotten higher.

In response to the violence in Charlottesville, Donald Trump refused to call out the white supremacists for the racism they represent, then belatedly criticized them two days later, only to walk back his comments yesterday saying both sides are to blame and that there were good people who marched with the Neo-Nazi’s and KKK members.

I am sorry Mr. Trump, but if you cannot see that the people protesting racism are not the problem and anyone who marches with those carrying Nazi flags are complicit in advocating for this evil, you are not fit to be President!

Donald Trump spent his campaign playing to elements in our national politics that seek to divide us by race and religion and glorify a world view that dehumanizes our neighbors. What happened in Charlottesville is a product of where he has led our country. It is disappointing but not surprising that Trump is having trouble unequivocally condemning white nationalists.

It is also an embarrassment for the people of TX-21 that our Congressman Lamar Smith said nothing until three days after the violence began and then only made a general statement about racism without singling out the white supremacists behind the violence.

A line has been crossed, and we are now fighting for the very soul of our nation.

I will continue to speak out and fight for what is right so that everyone in our community will know they are valued as a human being. I encourage everyone to speak up and engage – in rallies, by calling your members of Congress, and at the ballot box – to stand for equality and human dignity.

This is a dark chapter in our national story, but it is not the end of book. We will fight this evil and win.

Thank you,


Elliott McFadden
Democrat for Congress, TX-21