Travis County Judge Eckhardt, former Senator Barrientos endorse McFadden for Congress

Barrientos, Eckhardt and McFadden call for end to divisive Republican attacks on local government

AUSTIN—Travis County Judge Sarah Eckhardt and former State Senator Gonzalo Barrientos endorsed Elliott McFadden for U.S. Congress, calling for new leadership who will stand up for Central Texans in the 21st Congressional District against the Texas Republicans and the Trump Administration’s attacks on local control.

“Rather than working with us at the local level to address the needs of our community, we are ignored or attacked by state and federal officials in their rush to strike the next political pose.” Judge Eckhardt said. “In his decades of service to our community, Elliott McFadden has produced results on issues that matter to our community. We need less posturing and more results in Washington.”

Local communities long ignored by state and federal officials have suddenly found themselves the victims of political tempests on issues like immigration, healthcare, and women’s rights.  “I have been successfully fighting against radical Republicans for nearly two decades,” Elliott McFadden said. “I will take on any attempts by Trump and Congressional Republicans to cut access to healthcare, hurt the environment, attack LGBTQ rights, or limit a woman’s right to choose.”

“In my 32 years of public service, I have never seen the level of divisive political posturing occurring at the Legislature and federal government,” said former Senator Barrientos. “I have known Elliott McFadden for 25 years, and he has shown leadership on big issues such as healthcare, affordable housing and traffic—we need Elliott’s leadership on these issues in Congress.”

A 25-year Austin resident, McFadden has served as Executive Director of the Travis County Democratic Party, led the successful effort to create the Travis County Healthcare District (Central Health), helped pass a $65 million housing bond and currently serves as CEO of non-profit Austin B-cycle, one of the most successful bike-share systems in the United States. He is running against Lamar Smith, the climate change-denying Chair of the House Science Committee and the first Congressman who endorsed Donald Trump for President. McFadden calls for passage of Medicare for All, free tuition at public universities and an infrastructure bill that will invest in roads, bridges, transit and green energy.