SA Express News calls Elliott McFadden a frontrunner in TX-21

I am dropping you a quick note to make sure you saw the excellent column Gilbert Garcia from the San Antonio Express News wrote last Sunday about the TX-21 race and how he sees my husband Elliott as a candidate who deserves major consideration in this race.

Garcia says:

  • “McFadden, 43, is an unabashed progressive who supports Medicare for all and free tuition for public universities.  [Joseph] Kopser, 46 is a former Republican and business-friendly centrist who has pledged to “avoid ideological extremes” during his campaign.
  • “Midterms are very much about the intensity of whoever’s engaged,” McFadden told me Friday during a visit to San Antonio. “So I think what you’re going to see on the Republican side is that folks are going to be kind of down. The Republicans are in control, and they’re not delivering. On the Democratic side, people are dying to vote right now. I think there’s going to be a really different dynamic in the voter turnout for this kind of election, and my candidacy is about that.”

This and our recent endorsement from former State Senator Gonzalo Barrientos and Travis County Judge Sarah Eckhardt show we are running a race to champion progressive ideals and a race to win! But we can only win with your help.

Please help Elliott out by making a contribution today!

Thank you,

Amy McFadden