We’re at one year until we win

Today is the one year mark. One year until flip TX-21, one year until we win back Congress, one year until be can begin the work to rebuild our country from the damage Trump and his allies are doing.

A year ago, we thought the world had ended when Trump was elected. Election Day was actually my wife Amy’s birthday, and my son, Miles, and I had bought her a cookie that said “Madam President” as a gift. That day did not turn out so well, but we did celebrate her birthday a week later where we drank the champagne and ate the cookie with friends as a communion to commit to fighting back. A few months later, we were inspired to resist when we joined millions of other concerned Americans for the Women’s March.

This Sunday, Amy and I had the pleasure of joining the volunteers of TX21Indivisible in a bus tour of TX-21 that stopped in Austin, San Antonio, Boerne, and Kerrville. It was a chance to celebrate the victory of Lamar Smith retiring and re-energize for the work ahead. I am grateful to the TX21Indivisible for letting us join them in this special day.

November 6, 2018 is V-day. Today is get to work day!

With an open seat trending Democratic and Trump at record low approval ratings, the opportunity to take back TX-21 has never been better. I see the increasing activism of local Democrats and progressive groups every day that will be the difference next year. We do not know who the Republicans will nominate to replace Smith, but we can no longer trust Republicans in Congress to put country above party. I am crisscrossing this 10-county district daily, bringing a message of hope that change is on the way.

If you will join me in this work over the 365 days, I will work tirelessly in Washington until we have a fair economy and reform our government so it represents the people.

Now let’s go win!

Join me now in winning back TX-21