The Nightmare before Christmas

The last few weeks have not just been bad for working and middle class Americans. It’s been a nightmare. Donald Trump and Congressional Republicans are finally moving forward to implement their agenda to benefit their special interest donors at the expense of the rest of us.

The Republican’s massive tax cut to corporations and the wealthy will eventually raise taxes on the tens of millions of Americans making less than $75,000, cause 13 million Americans to lose their health insurance, make graduate school unaffordable for most, and balloon the deficit by at least $1 trillion dollars.

If comforting the comfortable on the backs of working Americans isn’t enough, the Republicans are now attempting to hurt Americans most in need so they can finance their corporate giveaway. Speaker Paul Ryan says he wants to cut Social Security and Medicare next year, and Senator Orrin Hatch has the gall to say he doesn’t think there is money any more to renew the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP).

If CHIP is not renewed in the next few weeks, 400,000 Texas children and pregnant women will lose their health insurance after the first of the year. Our priority should be the health and well being of our kids, not exemptions for private jets and lower taxes for land speculators like Donald Trump.

The Republicans are hoping we’ll ignore this nightmare before Christmas, but we must not forget and remain committed to winning back Congress next year. It is the only way we can restore a fair economy and reform this corrupt, broken system.

Texas 21st Congressional District is ground zero for winning back the U.S. House in 2018. With Lamar Smith’s retirement, we do not know yet who the Republicans will nominate, but we do know all the major GOP candidates are committed to continuing these failed, unfair policies.

TX-21 is an open seat that is trending Democratic, like many of the races we won in Virginia this fall, and the national Democratic Party is going to focus resources on this race next year once we have a nominee.

Let’s make sure our nominee is a real Democrat who will fight for a progressive agenda and stand up for those without a voice in Washington. Please help me win in March by making a one-time contribution or signing up as a Power of 21 supporter so we can win in November and end this nightmare.