This is a family affair

When Elliott jumped into the race six months ago, we made a decision as a family to commit our lives to winning back the Texas 21st so we could have real change and stand up to Donald Trump and his attack on our democracy.

Since then many of you have gotten to meet me and our wonderful kids, Miles and Clara, out on the campaign trail. We’ve spent countless days on the road with Elliott and too many nights where we have not had dinner together as he chases every vote. Honestly, this has been a sacrifice for our family, but one we are willing to make because the stakes are so high.

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Every day, Donald Trump attacks our democratic institutions and the most vulnerable in our community, and the Republicans in Congress seem unwilling to stand up to him. Trump tweets violent pictures attacking the press and degrading comments about a female Senator. While Congressional Republicans give away over a trillion dollars in tax cuts to benefit corporations and the wealthy, they have still not acted to renew the Children’s Health Insurance Program. Many of the children I teach at our neighborhood public school, St. Elmo Elementary, depend on CHIP for their health. What do I tell them when they lose their insurance in a couple months?

I am so proud of Elliott for stepping up to lead and saying this is not normal and this is not right! A Blue Wave is coming, and we are going to flip TX-21 next November. Let’s have a member of Congress with the passion, integrity, and smarts to fix this mess.

Our family has stepped up. Will you please join us?

The campaign starts for real this week. You can help by signing up to volunteer so we can get the vote out for Elliott in March and beyond.


Amy McFadden