McFadden calls Kopser’s position supporting fracking wrong approach

AUSTIN- In the race for the Democratic nomination in Texas Congressional District 21, candidate Elliott McFadden called out his opponent Joseph Kopser’s repeated support of fracking as the wrong approach to building a green energy economy and fighting climate change.

“I support a 100% complete ban on fracking because it pollutes our water supply, causes earthquakes, and threatens the health of those close to fracking sites,” said McFadden. “Climate change is real and the clock is ticking. Continuing our dependence on fossil fuels means we are delaying the action we have to take now before it is too late.”

When asked whether he would support a ban on fracking at forums in San Antonio, Austin, Kerrville, Fredericksburg, Boerne, San Marcos, and New Braunfels, Kopser and his representative have stood by his position supporting fracking and of opposing an outright ban.

“I think Joseph Kopser’s support of fracking is ignores the real damage it does to our communities and is out of step with the Democratic Party,” McFadden said.

Elliott McFadden has been a leader in the green economy, founding Austin CarShare, the first car sharing service in Texas, and currently as the CEO of Austin B-cycle, one of the most successful bike share systems in the United States. McFadden worked as staff for Solar Austin to help them develop a community engagement and City Council outreach effort to push for more investment by Austin Energy in green energy.

“We are sitting on vast wind and solar reserves in the Texas 21st District, and we could be powering the 21st Century energy economy,” McFadden said. “This is why I support a fracking ban and am fighting for a real infrastructure plan that will invest in solar and wind energy and modernize our grid to make green energy a success.”