Cook Political Report Downgrades GOP chances in TX-21

For the first time in this election cycle, the Republican chances of holding onto TX-21 were downgraded by the well regarded election analysis site, the Cook Political Report, moving from Solid Republican, to Leans R. If this trend continues, we’ll be a toss-up in no time!

The Cook Political Report is seeing what we have known since day one: TX-21 is a rapidly Democratic trending district that is vulnerable to a Democratic flip in the Blue Wave that is coming. It’s no wonder the national Democratic Party has made the Texas 21st one of four districts in Texas they are targeting this year, and New York Times data guru Nate Cohn calls this district “dangerous for the GOP.”

We can win this November and usher in the change we so desperately need, but first we have to win our primary. Recent polling shows I am the leading candidate in this race, but there are still many undecided voters out there. One of the candidates in this race who trailed in that poll is dumping tens of thousands of dollars in out of state money on this race in an attempt to buy the primary vote.

I think choosing our nominee should be up to the Democratic voters of TX-21, and we have to get my message of local progressive leadership and vision of economic fairness and reform out to the voters.

We are just a few thousand dollars short of our postcard campaign to reach the mailboxes of every likely Democratic voter in the district.  Please make a contribution — $25, $50, $100, or however you can help– before our final fundraising reporting deadline on February 14 so we’ll have the resources to win!