McFadden blasts opponent Kopser over comments comparing undocumented immigrants to Al Qaeda

McFadden says this is more proof we cannot trust Kopser to stand by Democratic values

AUSTIN— TX-21 Democratic Congressional candidate Elliott McFadden called out his Democratic opponent Joseph Kopser today for using inflammatory language and backtracking on his stances on the Dreamers in a recent appearance at the Texas Ranchers’ and Landowners’ Association of Texas on Saturday.

“I think it is disgusting to use an analogy comparing undocumented immigrants from Mexico to Al Qaeda, and it’s totally out of place in the Democratic Primary,” McFadden said. “I also find it disturbing that Kopser is changing his tune on standing with the Dreamers and calling for a border wall, after saying for months he would fight for a clean Dream Act.”

In front of the largely Republican audience, Kopser compared U.S. border security to fighting Al Qaeda.

“I want to secure our borders because when I spent my time in Iraq, when we were fighting Al Qaeda, the border between Iraq and Iran was not secure, and those fighters came over with Iran and that didn’t do us any good in that fight,” Kopser said.

A member of the audience responded by saying, “Are you sure you’re on the right ticket?”

In a later interview with The Intercept, Kopser, a former Republican and admirer of Ronald Reagan, said he would compromise by giving in to Republican demands on border security to get some sort of Dream Act.

“This is becoming classic Kopser, telling Democratic audiences one thing, and then when he gets with a more conservative audience, he tells them another,” McFadden said. “He says he’ll fight for working families but serves on the board of the Texas Association of Business, which fights increasing the minimum wage and paid family leave. He says he’s for the environment, but supports fracking. He says he wants corporate money out of politics, but supported Uber/Lyft’s attempt to pass corporate re-writes of our local public safety laws for rider share drivers. ”

“We just can’t trust Kopser to fight for us,” McFadden concluded.