No NRA money. EVER!

Since I got into this campaign to take back TX-21, I have been the candidate in this race speaking out early and forcefully for common sense protections from gun violence and breaking the NRA’s stranglehold on our gun laws. It’s no wonder the NRA has given me an “F” rating!

On Sunday after the shooting in Parkland as the choir at my church sang the 23rd Psalm in remembrance of the 17 students and teachers we lost, I lit a candle for the victims and their families and recommitted to fight this national epidemic. The victims of Parkland need more than platitudes from politicians with no real plan to do a damn thing to prevent the next shooting. We honor them by doing everything we can to stop another family from losing their kid to gun violence. Anything less is unacceptable.

In January, I received my NRA questionnaire and not only decided that I would not mail it back, I publicly ripped it up at an anti-gun violence event in San Antonio. Today, I signed the #NoNRAMoney pledge because I will not take one dime of support from an organization that is putting gun manufacturers’ profits over the lives of our children.

I am calling for common sense reforms that have broad support of Democratic, Independent, and Republican voters as well as a majority of responsible gun owners. This includes closing all loopholes to keep guns out of the wrong hands, banning weapons that cause mass carnage like assault rifles as well as high capacity magazines and bump stocks, and taking the shackles off our ability to find real solutions by repealing the ban on gun violence research at the CDC.


While these solutions make sense, we will never get the change we need with this Republican Congress. They are beholden to the NRA and will continue to only offer thoughts and prayers, not real solutions. Congressional Republicans are not doing their job, and it’s time for them to go!

With Lamar Smith retiring, TX-21 is in play for the first time in a generation. New York Times data guru Nate Cohn calls this district “dangerous for the GOP” and the Cook Political Report recently downgraded Republican chances to hold the seat.

If you want to have a member of Congress who will be a champion for the victims of gun violence and stand up to the NRA, please join me in taking back TX-21!