McFadden releases message to voters calling out Kopser’s hypocrisy on women’s health

AUSTIN- The Elliott McFadden for Congress campaign released a powerful new postcard to voters though calling out candidate Joseph Kopser in the race for the Democratic nomination in TX-21 for Kopser’s hypocrisy on the issue of women’s health. 

“While Joseph Kopser floods the mailboxes of Democratic voters with messages saying he will protect women’s health, he is hoping the voters will not remember an organization he helps lead fought vigorously against expanding access to 3-D mammograms in the last Texas legislative session,” said Elliott McFadden.

HB 1036 written by State Rep. Senfronia Thompson (D-Houston) requires Texas insurance companies to cover 3-D mammograms as a preventative women’s health measure. The Texas Association of Business (TAB) actively opposed the bill, but it passed with broad bi-partisan support and was signed by the Governor. Joseph Kopser serves as a board member of the TAB.

“On women’s health, Joseph Kopser’s TAB was to the right of Greg Abbott,” McFadden said. “When you help lead an organization that ‘opposes all new health care mandates’, I think you have to question what kind of champion Kopser will be for women’s health.”

McFadden’s mail message includes breast cancer survivor Leslie Luciano calling Kopser out over this issue. 

“I’m outraged at Joseph Kopser. His campaign ads say he’ll fight for women’s health care. But his business group did the opposite. That’s just wrong,” Luciano says. “I beat breast cancer, but Joe Kopser’s Texas Association of Business fought against requiring insurance coverage for 3-D mammograms. They put profits over women’s health.”