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With the last ballots counted, it looks like we are going to fall short of moving forward in the Primary Runoff election for the Democratic nomination in the Texas 21st. I called Joseph Kopser and Mary Wilson last night to congratulate them on their win and wish them the best in their next steps. This[…]

McFadden releases message to voters calling out Kopser’s hypocrisy on women’s health

AUSTIN- The Elliott McFadden for Congress campaign released a powerful new postcard to voters though calling out candidate Joseph Kopser in the race for the Democratic nomination in TX-21 for Kopser’s hypocrisy on the issue of women’s health.  “While Joseph Kopser floods the mailboxes of Democratic voters with messages saying he will protect women’s health,[…]

The Austin Chronicle endorses Elliott in TX-21!

Citing his longtime leadership on healthcare, affordable housing, and transportation, The Austin Chronicle has recommended Elliott to be our next member of Congress! This is a big shot of momentum for us we head into the beginning of Early Voting on Tuesday. The Austin Chronicle joins Education Austin, Bike Texas, Central Austin Democrats, South Austin Democrats, Austin Tejano Democrats, Stonewall Democrats[…]

McFadden blasts opponent Kopser over comments comparing undocumented immigrants to Al Qaeda

McFadden says this is more proof we cannot trust Kopser to stand by Democratic values AUSTIN— TX-21 Democratic Congressional candidate Elliott McFadden called out his Democratic opponent Joseph Kopser today for using inflammatory language and backtracking on his stances on the Dreamers in a recent appearance at the Texas Ranchers’ and Landowners’ Association of Texas[…]

Cook Political Report Downgrades GOP chances in TX-21

For the first time in this election cycle, the Republican chances of holding onto TX-21 were downgraded by the well regarded election analysis site, the Cook Political Report, moving from Solid Republican, to Leans R. If this trend continues, we’ll be a toss-up in no time! The Cook Political Report is seeing what we have known since day one: TX-21[…]

Making sure we don’t become Cape Town

Water is life. As our most basic need, I believe access to clean, reliable water is an inalienable right. You cannot have life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness without water. That’s why it is critical that we lead in Washington to protect our water. In recent news, we have learned that Cape Town, South[…]

McFadden calls Kopser’s position supporting fracking wrong approach

AUSTIN- In the race for the Democratic nomination in Texas Congressional District 21, candidate Elliott McFadden called out his opponent Joseph Kopser’s repeated support of fracking as the wrong approach to building a green energy economy and fighting climate change. “I support a 100% complete ban on fracking because it pollutes our water supply, causes[…]